New York

New York – for the love of pizza, sparkling scrapers and lifes’ madness.

With a single agenda on the itinerary, to savour New York Pepperoni Pizza, I set sail across the oceans. Just kidding, I flew a very long and yet comfortable flight halfway across the world for their much-acclaimed pizza and other food scenes.

Times Square
Times Square

The day I arrived was St. Patrick’s Day. Woop Woop! After a night of drinking and dancing in the most crowded bars, the need for carbs was calling. The best place to calm this craving is Artichoke Pizza – who are famous for their (you guessed it right) artichoke pizza! I was quite dubious, to be honest, but it was a good surprise on the creamy artichoke and spinach filling of this chubby pizza. To end the night, we took a walk through a relatively quiet Times Square.

Times Square at 3 am

The glory of Times Square is when you visit it at 3 am. It feels like the lights are shining through the night just for you as you sit and take it all in with no crowds to disturb you. Despite seeing so many movie touché shots and photos of countless travelers, Times Square is a place to visit to understand why it is so special.

Having this splendid experience, I decided to break my own bubble when I went back the next afternoon. Chaos! Not that I was expecting it to be a quite scene, but the crazy, windy, and close to zero temperatures made it an absolute struggle to even enjoy a hot-dog. Tiny Tip: Do not be an obvious tourist while buying a hot-dog from a stand vendor, otherwise you will asked for a ridiculous $5 for it.

An expensive hot-dog at Times Square

Continuing the quest of NYC Pizza, visited this old fire station that has been converted to a pizzeria called John’s Times Square. Quite fashionable, the place is famous for its coal-fired oven, the pizza did not disappoint with a hint of smokey bread and gooey centre. But this is now of those pizzas which needs a fork & knife (not my style, but I will allow it).

Fresh & hot pepperoni pizza in a New York blizzard

Manhattan, is a great place to walk and explore. You will find many hidden gems and intersting shop concepts. Make sure you have a stroll in a new neighbourhood throughout your stay.

New York is a multi-dimensional gastronomical place. Apart from all the pizza and hotdog chatter, New York seemed to be an oddly popular destination for finding the best Ramen. It almost seems like a race to the best. There are quite a few authentic places around the city that can serve you the perfect bowl of ramen that make you close your eyes, smile and go mmmm. Honestly, as a tourist hop onto Yelp and find yourself one close to you.

Talking about palate intriguing flavours, let’s not forget K-Town. It is criminal to visit New York and not go for a night out in this part of the city. This is where I have met the infamous Soju. Two carafes of this and we were all on our way to tipsy town. With Korean BBQ as a partner in crime, the night just got better.

In all entirety, New York will never disappoint your inner panda. Hop on to the tube, walk around the city and you will find so many places are bustling with flavours for you to try. I have had this pleasure and here are a few more spots that have made me a happy Little Hungry Ninja.


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