Burger 28

Though not a loud fan of deep-fried chicken burgers, this place has made an exception in my heart. They have a  simple, yet quite quirky, menu that brings out the child in you. Burgers with Cheetos, chips with Mac & Cheese and everything that I ate as a teen without consequences, but now have to pick a cheat day.

With a few branches across Abu Dhabi, my go-to place is the one on the Airport Road – a small joint with a large bench style set-up right in the middle of the store and a few bar-stools facing the window. What more do you need?

On my first visit, we picked a few beef and chicken sliders to dip into the menu as much as we can. Although I do not eat beef, the popular opinion around the table was that the chicken sliders had more kick of the flavours that we were expecting for.

My personal favourites are The Arbab and The Chipotle. The Arbab is a bit on the spicy side of the scale (no shocker there since it is one of my picks) with the XP Sauce and jalapenos. The fried chicken adds to the crunch along with the Oman chips. This is hands down a burger to try no matter your preference (skip the jalapenos for a less spicy option). The Chipotle has the perfect balance of a crispy chicken burger with the soft sauce and a hint of heat.

Burger 28 Sliders
The Arbab, The Naar & The Chipotle

Another one of their signature burgers is The Naar, which has Cheetos dusted all over the crispy chicken. A must try is their Truffle Fries, which is a massive portion on its own. Apart from burgers and fries, Burger 28 does Mac & Cheese with the same twists as for the burgers.

So next time you want to indulge, grab your friends and head to Burger 28. Trust me, one visit is not enough!


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