Pike Place Market, Seattle

Why this is the best & must place to visit in Seattle?

Recently Seattle has become my second home, and I think it was destined to be with my love-at-first-visit to Pike Place Market.IMG_20180312_131947.jpg

As obviously and loudly I said, this is a definite spot for every visitor to Seattle. Pike Place Market is a short street that has the life of a town buzzing in it. From farmers market selling fresh produce, eateries with hearty dishes, flower vendors, craft stalls and pop-up food stalls, this place has a lot happening. As you walk through the market, there is a battle of fragrances between fresh produce and flowers.

There are a few mandatory hot spots to hit here and don’t let the queues in front of them scare you away. For some fresh cheese delicacies, head to Beecher’s Handmade Cheese store. You can see the magic happen right through the glass windows as you queue in to order their “World’s Best Mac and Cheese” or my other favourite, “Mariachi Mac and Cheese”. If you have walked out of this store without this, go back and get some, now.

Another close-to-heart place is Piroshky Piroshky. This compact Russian store has some of the best sweet and savoury delicacies. Good luck trying to make up your mind on what to have. There is a very interesting garden area where you can sit and enjoy your spoils with a lake view. However, I prefer to walk around and explore while munching away.

For all the Starbucks loyalists, this street has the first ever store opened for the chain. I am sure you lot already know this. Queue up for a dose of the original Pike Place coffee blend.

As much as I’d love to wait for a blend of the same coffee you find everywhere, I would rather wait for a good pint of beer and soak in some sun. With a short walk away, is Old Stove Brewery which has the brews and views. Mellow down for the evening with a pint in this always-busy bar as you watch boats and cars pass by.

I hope that I’ve peaked your interest on spending quality time in this market place enjoying what it has to offer to all your senses. So do check out Pike Place Market as it has something for everyone. Have a great day!


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