A De’Vine’ Brunch

Fridays at Market Kitchen, Abu Dhabi

Market Kitchen already has a reputation for splendid food set in a simple modern ambience. For the love of natural light, I’ve always been a fan of the floor to ceiling glasses pouring in the golden goodness. The frames with simple kitchen tools decorating the walls adds a sense of elegant nostalgia and the iconic tree right in the middle of the floor just to make you wonder if you are inside or out. With expectations set high, we arrive to the Friday De’Vine’ Table Brunch.

The moment we walk in, past the show kitchen, a whiff of everything yummy that we will devour shortly is a little painful for someone like me who is staving since morning. This is soon distracted as you walk into an energetic place filled with happy faces. Time to find our sunlit table to dive into the experience.

The friendly and attentive team start us off with our drinks. I opt for the Raspberry Spiced Swizzle, a bright refreshing mocktail that hit the right tones and moods throughout the afternoon. There are other exciting cocktails too if that is what you fancy.

Fresh hot breads arrive and we stop the temptation to tear them apart, best to save space for more goodies that are to follow. Tempura Shrimp (a little mushy, could be more crisp), creamiest Burrata with fresh tomatoes and garnish crumble, cutest tiny cups of warm Cauliflower Soup fight for space on the table. But what really surprises me is the Tuna Tartare, not something I would usually enjoy but here I ask for seconds.

Part of this parcel is a Pani-Puri inspired dish with White Asparagus cream. It is a pleasant dish, but the visual of Pani-Puri prepares my palate for a spicy smack which is not the case. We roll into appetizers soon as my anticipation for Truffle Pizza is pretty obvious. The team is very generous in offering us alternatives as not everyone on the table agreed that Truffle Pizza is godly. Come in Pepperoni to rescue the rest. Along with this came a fresh Kale Salad.

The refined dishes don the table as we savour them with oohs and mmhms and smiles and subtle sips of our drinks. What a perfect afternoon to slide into.

Kick in fourth gear as we move towards the mains. Stuffed Flank Steak and Pan Seared Sea Bream are the options on the menu. Not being a fan of either, there is a vegetarian option – Roasted Butternut Squash. Don’t dismiss this, it’s a great decision to go for it! The sweetcorn salsa and spiced pumpkin seeds are a great crunchy complement for the soothing roasted squash. Everyone dives into my plate for a bite of this wholesome goodness.

Now, okay, hear me out. There is never an instance where my eyes don’t glow at the sight of desserts arriving to a table and such is the case here too. However… one bite into the Toasted Walnut Cake almost had me in tears of why did I not start my meal with this. This cake from the Gods is sent to the table with the most precious cinnamon ice-cream. Dive into the deep-end with this one. As I resurface, let me not forget the other star of the show, Salted Caramel Sundae. A forever favourite flavour done right with caramel popcorn and chocolate sauce – classic!

I very rarely order the same dishes when I return to a restaurant because I just enjoy trying more flavours. But at Market Kitchen’s De’Vine’ Table Brunch, if the exact same dishes are served to me again, I’d happily indulge with a big broad Ninja smile. Well done team, count on me to be back.


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