Vibe. Check.

More than a pink place.

A quick walk through an airport-look-alike mall and an escalator ride to what seems like nowhere, the door opens to a gorgeous courtyard smack in the middle of DIFC with towers looming over and well manicured greens all around. In this corporate version of Narnia, there is Vibe – a cozy place which is an opening to another dimension and emotions, I mean… a whole different vibe.

My initial reason to try this out is plainly because it is Instagramable from what I saw online and had no other expectations. But I walk in and can feel the personality of the place in its details. The menu is filled with clever names making me go through it all just for laughs. Trust me to spend an awkward amount of time admiring the place, just browsing the menu and getting excited to order everything. As should any lazy Friday be, we went in for some breakfast dishes, coffees and smoothies, which are available well into the afternoon too.

Ninja Tip: The interesting names go hand in hand in with the smoothie ingredients. Go for the “I’m in love with the coco” or “Let the Man-go” and thank me later.

Okay, enough fluff, let us dive into why we are actually here – the food. The Insta-queen of the menu is Issa Florentine Thing. The blue plate with the bright pink Secret Vibe Sauce and pink English muffins gets the flamingos to the table. The Breakfast for Champions has all the elements of a weekend breakfast turned lunch. Scrunch up some pepper on it and go crazy. We all dug in for spoils here as the portion was big for a person (not me) to finish up.

My personal favourite, Shakin That Shuka. Just as its name, the chef shakes up the traditional elements of a Shakshuka to this mouth-watering dish. Charred peppers, tomato ragout and grilled eggplant heighten the Mediterranean flavours while the zaatar labneh and poached eggs are busy bringing the creaminess to this goodness. You are going to lick the plate clean.

For every breakfast addict, a must order is I’m Benedict’ed To You. Contrary to being a light-ish option, this dish is stacked with layers of slow braised wagyu brisket, corn salsa and a mild chimichurri sauce for the kick. Topping the eggs are crispy onion rings making this a brunch on its own.

Between getting entertained by the menu, the mmms and yumms from the food and a million photos, the afternoon flows through seamlessly. All in all, good vibes!


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