Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah

The popular Japanese Steakhouse that hosts the bold Warayaki cooking style has never stepped away from the spotlight since its opening. It brings new inquisitive tastebuds to its doors while making sure the regulars are forever in love.

Not going to shy from a full disclosure that I have been skeptical to check this venue out because it is a steakhouse and I don’t eat beef. *Cue for a gasp!* However, one fine evening, thought I would brave it to explore what else it can offer.

As we sat and I mentioned my predicament to the restaurant manager, there was a flash of disappointment and simultaneous excitement in his tone. He was up for a challenge to make sure I had the best meal I could rave about in a steakhouse without consuming steak. Spoiler alert: he made it happen!

Diving into a few seafood favourites, I must say the tiradito dishes, Seabass and Yellowtail, were sublime with the sauce complementing the fine fish cuts. Subtle hints across the plates elevated the flavours, such as a mild spice kick on the yellowtail or the petal-like garlic chips on the Tuna Tataki. The popular Korean Fried Chicken also made an appearance on the table decorated in sticky spicy-sour sauce. These were superb sumptuous chunks, but I did find myself wishing for more bite-sized beautiful pieces.

Escalating the culinary curiosity, then came the more flamboyant dishes; the Prawn Toast Okonomiyaki and a colourful spread of sushi and maki rolls with fresh sashimi. As I tried to capture the delicate dance of the bonito flakes for the ‘Gram, I could not wait to try this exciting take on a prawn toast cloaked with highlights of a Japanese pancake. What I presumed to be a heavy dish actually flowed smoothly off the wooden board it was presented in. #NinjaApproved!

The Grilled Seabass presented itself as a simple and innocent dish, but let that not fool you on the elegant flavours packed within each bite. Made to perfection! Last, but with lots of love, the sensual Chocolate Fondant, deserves a shoutout for making sure we swiped the plate clean after what seemed like a 15-course meal.

So many favourites to walk away with one visit. A list is brewing on what I would indulge on my next visit, while intoxicated on finding out new surprises that I might enjoy.


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