Kyma Beach Dubai

With over 70 kilometers of extended shoreline for a decade, Dubai still manages to impress us with new and exciting additions to its beachfront. Kyma Beach Dubai came to life on Palm West Beach and brings Greece to our white sandy shores.

KYMA, meaning wave in Greek, places the Mediterranean gem’s heart and soul on The Palm. Welcoming big beautiful turquoise doors laying a path with wheat stalk pillars, you are most certainly stepping into a summer of dreams here. The venue is spacious with neutral colours from the restaurant furniture to the beach beds and the stylish knitted sun shades. Take a moment, or a few, to let the wave of Kyma’s beauty wash over you.

The venue has two distinctive spaces, the restaurant and the beachside with sun beds. The dining portion serves some serious Greek flavours while the beach has a compact menu. Well, it is only fair to what you can indulge in while busy being sun-kissed. This Ninja is all about the food, so to the restaurant, we head. The team is ready to offer recommendations for drinks and which dish to start your afternoon with.

This is no Greek meal without Tzatziki on the table with some pita to dip into. The spread was accompanied by Tyrokafteri and Taramosalata. Along with it, we did indulge in Sea Bream Carpaccio, Cod Croquettes, and Fried Calamari with garlic mayo. All absolutely lip-smacking good! My heart was, however, stolen by the Feta in Fylo. This crunchy-gooey goodness is served with thyme leaves dunked in honey and danced across the dish right at the table. The sight in itself is drool-worthy, and the taste is a reflection of that sentiment.

The fresh flavors are fabulous and the dream is complete with the shimmering waters in front of you. Or so you think. The Mediterranean experience has to include a fresh catch of the day. A magnificent Sea Bass is baked with relishing notes. Simple, yet sophisticated, the fish is deboned with precision and served to perfection. A gentle squeeze of lime, and this is nirvana. The Grilled Octopus with fava and grilled veggies is also a tempting dish that you cannot miss. This dish is a tease from the Instagram account so it is almost obligatory to make sure to indulge in.

Wishing for the stamina to explore desserts as I had my eye out for the Kataifi (the Greek take on Baklava) or the Galaktompoureko which is custard baked in filo or the Sour Cherry Greek Yogurt Icecream… Let us just say the last course will be an experience of its own on my next visit.

As the sun softens on Dubai, Kyma Beach Dubai will continue to be the golden gate you seek entry to this season for residents as well as tourists flocking to this iconic destination.


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